Treatment Plan Overview

Coming to a hospital can be a scary event. We want you to know what you will be doing and what you can expect to help keep those fears down. The care provided at Assurance is focused on getting you back to your community quickly, and making sure you return safe and prepared to handle those problems you had before you came to us. The typical stay on our unit is about two weeks. It includes many people all focused on helping you and could include, but is not limited to the following activities:
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Group therapy to explore and learn different and better ways to cope with individual problems and issues.
  • Daily living skills groups are also offered to improve memory, address mood regulation, and provide relaxation.
  • Recreation activities designed for individual abilities and needs. Adjunctive therapies are offered, such as crafts, art, games, and gardening.

Goal Oriented System

Through a variety of modalities, including reminiscence, re-motivation and validation, our goals for you are the instillation of hope where there has been hopelessness, progress where there has been regression, and a renewed sense of wellness.

A daily goal-setting group will be held each morning. This is a brief group designed to help you select one or just a few things you can accomplish each day. Hopefully the things you select will be goals aimed at making progress with your treatment/service plan. Each person will share his/her goal for the day, this usually happens in the morning around breakfast time. Staff will help you achieve your daily goal(s). In the evening during dinner time, you will be asked to review how well you think you met your goal(s). Your goals can be very basic ones (e.g. “I’m going to play a game with another group member today”). A good way to think of a goal is to ask 2 questions:

  • What am I doing today?
  • What can I do to make it better?

Our Individualized Therapy Programs consist of:

Individual Therapy

Your therapist will meet with you while you are on the unit. During these times, you may review your treatment plan, discuss what will happen when you leave, and examine any problems you may be having on the unit. The goal for individual therapy is to keep you on track with your goals and improve your ability to handle problems.

Family Therapy

We at Assurance do all we can to involve family members in your care, as they are experts on your life and the changes you may be experiencing. Your family may have been instrumental in helping you seek treatment here. You may want them involved in your treatment here as well, and if that is the case, your therapist will provide family therapy to help with planning goals, making assessments of changes and finding what is best for you. This may be particularly important if you live with family members. We understand that sometimes family members don’t get along, and when one person isn’t feeling well it can make things worse. We will do our best to help with any disagreements you have, and help build a stronger family. Your consent, of course, must be given before any information regarding your treatment is shared with others.

Recreation Therapy
In addition to participating in the Activity Assessment, patients are encouraged to attend and participate in the Recreation Therapy groups on a daily basis, led by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. The emphasis of this group is to learn to use your free or leisure time in ways that make you feel better or help you express how you feel better. The Recreation Therapist will use various activities as a form of active treatment to improve your physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning and to increase independence in life activities. Unlike typical recreation programs, Recreation Therapy group is goal and outcome oriented.

Group Therapy
Group therapy is one of the biggest parts of your treatment. You will have the chance to share with folks who may be experiencing some of the same symptoms as you, and can relate to what you problems you have. Our goal is to give you and your peers’ activities that allow you to express yourself, learn new ways to handle your problems, and enjoy the opportunity to bond with others. Some are uncomfortable in groups, and we understand that. We will encourage you to participate but you are free to make your own decisions about attending the groups.