Welcome to Chef’s Corner!


What is food done the Assurance way? Assurance Health has quickly grown a solid reputation in the region for providing exemplary care to all patients that come through our doors. Our Nutritional Services program is no exception. Due to the personal care and size of our facility, we can tailor our food to closely fit the specific dietary needs of each patient. What separates our kitchen from others? We take a holistic approach in the kitchen, preparing foods with the belief that eating close to the earth leads to a quicker rate of repair to the physical body. This enables our Medical Staff to assess patient’s needs in a timelier manner. Our Nutritional Staff takes great pride in being part of the healing process.

The Assurance Health kitchen uses only fresh produce and meat (never frozen) to prepare from-scratch items that will appeal to the widest range patient’s palettes. Our Nutritional Staff continuously strives for 100% patient satisfaction, by using the finest ingredients available to create visually appealing, great tasting meals. In other words “Cooking with LOVE” turning meal time from a passing moment, to a dining experience, 3 times a day.

-Bon Appetit!

Chef Heather
Director of Nutrition Services