We Come to You

male dr and patient
The referral process consists of making one phone call

Nurse Liaison Hotline
Indianapolis, IN – please call 877-261-1177
Cincinnati or Wilmington, OH – please call 888-232-6552
Hudson, OH – please call 800-674-8746

At that time, your Nurse Liaison will collect basic information and facilitate an on-site assessment. 


Your Nurse Liaison provides an on-site, clinical assessment for admission, in your facility, hospital or home. During the assessment, your Nurse Liaison will review applicable records and meet the patient face-to-face.  This allows for a more thorough clinical assessment and ensures the Assurance Health Multidisciplinary Treatment Team has the most current symptomatology to begin treatment from day one.



Once accepted for admission, your Nurse Liaison will take care of all copying/faxing of documentation, compile all paperwork and complete the required consent packet with the patient/power of attorney or guardian.


Patient safety and your time are of utmost importance to us.  Therefore, your Liaison will arrange transportation via the Assurance Health Ambulance, or approved contracted ambulance service. This service allows for reduced wait times from assessment to transfer.