“In recognition of National Home Health and Hospice Month, we are delighted to share with you that Assurance Health, LLC Senior Inpatient Psychiatric Care was selected by Great Lakes Caring Home Health and Hospice to receive a 2015 Award for Excellence. Your facility and your dedicated team were chosen from over 7,000 facilities, physicians and hospitals across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio for three very important reasons: 

  1. your organization’s belief in the importance of good communication between Great Lakes Caring and your medical care staff;
  2. for keeping in mind the needs of your patients or residents and the importance of making timely referrals; and
  3. for your support and understanding of the importance of collaborative care when a patient is in need of home health, palliative or hospice care.

Great Lakes Caring applauds you and your team.  We are pleased to be affiliated with Assurance Health, LLC Senior Inpatient Psychiatric Care and look forward to continuing our work together that makes significant contributions to the quality of care and exceptional experience for your staff, residents, patients and their families.”

William, CEO