Why Assurance Health?

There are adult inpatient psychiatric facilities in many communities across the country. In many instances, these facilities, or units, mix patients of all ages and diagnoses. Assurance Health is one of the very small number of hospitals in the state, and the country that focuses on, and admits only, senior adults with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. Along with the primary psychiatric diagnosis, our first rate clinical team also treats those with medical and other secondary diagnoses, taking into account the unique medical, physical, emotional and cognitive challenges of each older adult patient.

Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Approach
Our staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, internal medicine/geriatric physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers and therapists (activity, occupational, physical and speech) all assist the patients to better understand their specific symptoms and triggers, of both their psychiatric and medical conditions. Individual specific strategies and treatment plans are developed for managing the symptoms to assist each patient’s ability to interact with others. Daily, each patient will also participate in sessions such as group activities fostering socialization, nutrition, stress management and exercise.

Inpatient Unit
Our inpatient hospital is specially designed for the comfort, safety and effective treatment environment for seniors. The space and layout includes age appropriate lighting, wall colors, handrails and flooring amenities for our patients.

Therapy Services
Striving to be a leader within our community, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our already robust therapy services! To augment our current activity and process therapy programs, we are adding Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Pet Therapy. Each patient at Assurance Health will have a treatment plan that consists of six quality of life enrichment activities per day.