“My wife, ‘Helen A’, was assessed and cared for at your facility in Blue Ash, Cincinnati within the last month. That started as a time of stress for Helen and for me, but I found the care, both medical and from a human perspective, was excellent. I am grateful to all the staff there for making our stay and our conditions as comfortable as possible. I found the personnel — ALL personnel — caring and considerate, and I am sure the ones I did not see were working on that same level of excellence. Thank you for providing such a helpful, competent, effective, and comforting group of people to take care of us.”

Warm regards,

“By the way, even though this is a horrible thing to go through and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, you and your company are the best! It shows in everything you do! It’s obvious you all care about the people. Thank you thank you thank you”

“I would like to thank the staff at Assurance Health Cincinnati for providing a smooth transition for our new resident, ‘Mr. E.’ It was a pleasure working with you and the nursing staff! Great job! I look forward to a continued relationship with Assurance Health.”

“Dear Staff,

We are appreciative of the care you gave me our grandfather, father, husband while he was at Assurance Health Hudson in Ohio. The communications were outstanding! Our loved one has episodes of combativeness, especially in the mornings. He is alert and talking, not in a coma-like state. We are spreading the word about your facility. Thank you so much!”

E.P.’s Family

“We were directed to send Mom to another hospital in Indianapolis… after 5-1/2 days she was released…. that was after no communication, dropped her at the door when we were told she was released and needed picked up same day. No one could tell me what had been done or what was different.

Your staff kept communicating, and not just communicating, they did so in a very pleasant manner. I heard from the Doctor, I heard from the social worker, I heard from the nurse. I received email communication, I received phone calls. Every communication was done so in a pleasant, caring and informative manner. I was greeted similarly, spoken to similarly. I watched and listen as your staff interacted. They did so similarly with each other, willing to share in duties to help each other.

How they cared for Mom when I got to see her was evident. As they walked me to the door they conversed and shared opinions of Mom’s demeanor, sense of humor, and concern.

So let me conclude with 2 thoughts.

  • First thank you and your staff for the treatment you gave my Mother but also her family.
  • Lastly, I’m not sure what kind of behavioral testing you do to ensure your staff is all the same page but it needs to be shared with others in the service business. Congratulations.

My deepest and sincere thanks as your organization has made the overwhelming, tolerable for another day, blessings to you and your staff

-Rob W.

“I would like to thank the staff at Assurance Health Cincinnati for providing a smooth transition for our new resident, ‘Mr. E.’ It was a pleasure working with you and the nursing staff! Great job! I look forward to a continued relationship with Assurance Health.”

“I love you guys!  When I referred her (the patient) to you, she couldn’t transfer, she was incontinent, and she was total care. All she talked about was wanting to die. We were so concerned that I called the family and advocated Assurance Health to help. Today, she smiles and is no longer dependent upon staff for toileting and ADL’s. She is no longer incontinent and transfers herself to the bathroom! As soon as she completes therapy, she will be moving to assisted living from skilled nursing. I love you all for what you have done for our patients!”
-Marj, Social Services Director

“Dr. Schneider provided us with a great understanding of what our Mom was going through, and put everything in terms so that our family was able to understand. We are so thankful for his ability to get our Mom’s behavior regulated so that she was able to return back to her assisted living community.”
– Sue

“The care, safety and well-being at your Assurance Health for our loved one, was noted every day during their stay. We could not believe the efforts that were made to extend her life and make her comfortable. We noted during our visits how much the entire staff was involved in the care of every patient. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
– Bob

“The food is terrific at Assurance Health! The Chef worked very hard to take all of the patient’s needs into account and provide foods that worked for each of them individually. Also, if you are at Assurance during visiting hours, they even ask you if you would like to have dinner too, so that you may be able to join your family member and eat together. The Mac & cheese and the chili were awesome!”
– Lisa

“The staff at Assurance, no matter what their formal job description, attended to the needs of each and every patient. I met the CFO about a week into our time at Assurance, and he said that he knew who my mom was. He said he met my mom when he walked her to her room on one of her first nights at Assurance, when she was having trouble walking, and also just wanted someone to talk to. He said my mom’s stories made him laugh and that she was a sweet lady. The Facilities Director was also, always in the common area helping give a little extra care and attention to those patients who needed it. Knowing that everyone at Assurance takes patient care as their first priority was very comforting to our family.”
– Lynn

“I could call Assurance anytime of the day or night to find out how my mom was doing. Even when I called in at hours as late as 2AM, so I could see what kind of responses I would get, I always received a very thorough update.”
– Shelley

“I cannot express enough my gratitude to Dr. Steven Schneider and the entire staff at Assurance Health in Anderson for their life-saving efforts they gave to my husband. My husband fractured his pelvis in December 2014 and in the course of 6 months was filled with drugs that were poisoning him to the point that when he was transferred to Assurance, he was delirious, extremely agitated, and untreatable and practically in a coma. I thought that I would never be able to talk with him again. We were granted a miracle through the knowledge and caring which he received at Assurance Health. We will be eternally grateful to Dr. Schneider and his staff!”
– Susan

“I was so nervous to come see him because he was so mean in the nursing home. I can’t tell you how pleased and how relieved we were when we saw him there. This big grin broke out on his face and I was so happy. He even told us some stories. We are so relieved and so lucky. I think you guys do a valuable service because you were our last hope.”
– Brenda

“In recognition of National Home Health and Hospice Month, we are delighted to share with you that Assurance Health, LLC Senior Inpatient Psychiatric Care was selected by Great Lakes Caring Home Health and Hospice to receive a 2015 Award for Excellence. Your facility and your dedicated team were chosen from over 7,000 facilities, physicians and hospitals across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio for three very important reasons: 

  1. your organization’s belief in the importance of good communication between Great Lakes Caring and your medical care staff;
  2. for keeping in mind the needs of your patients or residents and the importance of making timely referrals; and
  3. for your support and understanding of the importance of collaborative care when a patient is in need of home health, palliative or hospice care.
Great Lakes Caring applauds you and your team.  We are pleased to be affiliated with Assurance Health, LLC Senior Inpatient Psychiatric Care and look forward to continuing our work together that makes significant contributions to the quality of care and exceptional experience for your staff, residents, patients and their families.”
William, CEO