At Assurance, we recognize each person is special and we are interested in your story and helping you feel better. Being admitted to a hospital can sometimes feel scary. Our staff understand this and will work to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible during your stay. Our doors are locked only for the safety of our patients; especially those who are experiencing confusion and might wander.

Our unit has been designed to specialize in helping senior adults who are experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms. Senior adults not only require, but deserve special care. This treatment is provided in a secure setting with many staff that includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, therapists, recreational therapists, nursing assistants and mental health technicians. Nursing assistants and technicians will be wearing black scrubs, and our nurses will be wearing teal scrubs. We will orient you to the unit and introduce you to our staff, so that you will see our staff as friendly, warm, welcoming, capable and eager to help you address the issues in your life that are requiring hospitalization. You will be assigned a room and may have a roommate.

We operate on the belief that the aging process does not mean you can’t learn and change. We want you to feel productive and part of our group, and be the best you can be each day of your life. Because each patient brings unique strengths and challenges, your treatment program will be individualized to your needs and abilities.

As part of our desire to meet your needs, the program staff strives to provide a comfortable environment for all patients. We want our patients to wear their own clothing and to dine in a common area with other patients, as we believe it fosters a sense of community, and gives you a chance to share yourself with others and learn from others. In accordance with the Patient Self Determination Act, you and/or your Guardian/POA have the right to make decisions about your treatment, without prejudice from the hospital. The existence of an advance directive, or lack thereof, will not determine your right to care, treatment or services.

Visiting Hours and Procedures

You or your POA/Guardian decides who is placed on your visitor list. Unless someone is on the list, we do not acknowledge that you are a patient, even on the telephone. Visitors are expected to respect the confidentiality of patients they meet or see. Visitation for the unit occurs from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

  1. Visitor(s) must check in at the reception desk at the main entrance to the hospital.
  2. Receptionist will greet visitor(s) and ask for visitor’s name.
  3. Receptionist will check the visitor’s identification and have them sign in.
  4. Receptionist will inform visitor(s) they must leave all belongings in the car. This includes cell phones, purses, bags, and other such items, including contraband.
  5. Receptionist will call the unit and inform them of the patient that has visitors.
  6. Unit staff will bring the patient to the unit for visitation.
  7. Unit staff will take all items the visitor has brought for the patient to the Nurses’ Station. The items will be checked for contraband and belongings will be inventoried. Non-approved items will be sent back with the visitor(s).
  8. Food may NOT be brought in for the patients.
  9. We strongly recommend no more than 2 visitors at a time.
    1. Visitors must be at least 18 years old.
    2. Visitors under 18 must have a written order by the physician (one order per visit).
      1. A copy of each order must be provided to the Receptionist.
  10. Only two visitors are allowed at a time.
  11. Clergy, court representatives, and attorneys may visit at any time.
  12. With prior approval and by physician order only, visitation may occur at other times than regular visitation hours and will take place in the visiting area. Contact the therapist to schedule times outside of our usually visitation schedule.
  13. Upon end of visiting, visitor(s) will return to the reception desk to turn in visitor pass.

Due to the uncertainty regarding COVID-19, while we continue to accept new patients and referrals, we are currently restricting visitation from unnecessary personnel, including family members, until further notice in order to protect our patients and caregivers. We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Telephone Calls
You may make and receive telephone calls during designated times. You may receive calls from your guardian, POA, clergyman or attorney at any time. Staff may ask you to end your phone call if it becomes inappropriate.

You may not be in the hospital long enough to send or receive mail. However, incoming mail is handed out daily. All mail will be opened in the presence of our staff to prevent dangerous or restricted items from being received. Outgoing letters are picked up for mailing at the Nurses’ Station on a daily basis.

If clothing needs laundered, please notify the nurse or CNA to assist.

Relaxation Time
Assurance recognizes the need for patients to have “down time”. In an effort to allow for this, please be considerate of the following rules:

  • The television may be used during leisure time.
  • Television programs are chosen by staff.
  • Patients are allowed to watch “G”, “PG” and “PG-13” rated movies only (“R” rated movies are not allowed). They may also watch TV shows which are not rated TV-MA (all other ratings are appropriate)
  • Assurance will supply movies shown to patients.
  • Patients and their families are not permitted to bring computer tablets, mp3 players or hand-held game systems.