Preparing for your stay

Personal Items
Casual clothing is all you will need while you are in the hospital. Please bring only four (4) changes of clothing as laundry services are provided. We want you to wear your own, comfortable clothing. A jacket or sweater might be needed when you are outside or if you feel cold at times. You will be active throughout the day. Please don’t bring expensive clothing or jewelry, as it is not permitted and we are not responsible for loss or damage.

The staff will perform an inventory of your personal belongings when you are admitted and those items brought in throughout your stay. Please refer to the attached Contraband List in your patient handbook.

  • 3 Changes of comfortable clothing
  • 1 Sweater
  • 2 Pair of pajamas
  • 1 Pair of shoes
    * Toiletries are Provided
    ** Please do NOT bring any valuables or jewelry