“We were directed to send Mom to another hospital in Indianapolis… after 5-1/2 days she was released…. that was after no communication, dropped her at the door when we were told she was released and needed picked up same day. No one could tell me what had been done or what was different.

Your staff kept communicating, and not just communicating, they did so in a very pleasant manner. I heard from the Doctor, I heard from the social worker, I heard from the nurse. I received email communication, I received phone calls. Every communication was done so in a pleasant, caring and informative manner. I was greeted similarly, spoken to similarly. I watched and listen as your staff interacted. They did so similarly with each other, willing to share in duties to help each other.

How they cared for Mom when I got to see her was evident. As they walked me to the door they conversed and shared opinions of Mom’s demeanor, sense of humor, and concern.

So let me conclude with 2 thoughts.

  • First thank you and your staff for the treatment you gave my Mother but also her family.
  • Lastly, I’m not sure what kind of behavioral testing you do to ensure your staff is all the same page but it needs to be shared with others in the service business. Congratulations.

My deepest and sincere thanks as your organization has made the overwhelming, tolerable for another day, blessings to you and your staff.”

-Rob W.