Everyone at Assurance takes patient care as their first priority…

“The staff at Assurance, no matter what their formal job description, attended to the needs of each and every patient. I met the CFO about a week into our time at Assurance, and he said that he knew who my mom was. He said he met my mom when he walked her to her room on one of her first nights at Assurance, when she was having trouble walking, and also just wanted someone to talk to. He said my mom’s stories made him laugh and that she was a sweet lady. The Facilities Director was also, always in the common area helping give a little extra care and attention to those patients who needed it. Knowing that everyone at Assurance takes patient care as their first priority was very comforting to our family.”

– Lynn

The food is terrific at Assurance Health!

“The food is terrific at Assurance Health! The Chef worked very hard to take all of the patient’s needs into account and provide foods that worked for each of them individually. Also, if you are at Assurance during visiting hours, they even ask you if you would like to have dinner too, so that you may be able to join your family member and eat together. The Mac & cheese and the chili were awesome!”

– Lisa

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

“The care, safety and well-being at your Assurance Health for our loved one, was noted every day during their stay. We could not believe the efforts that were made to extend her life and make her comfortable. We noted during our visits how much the entire staff was involved in the care of every patient. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

– Bob

We are so thankful…

“Dr. Schneider provided us with a great understanding of what our Mom was going through, and put everything in terms so that our family was able to understand. We are so thankful for his ability to get our Mom’s behavior regulated so that she was able to return back to her assisted living community.”

– Sue

I love you guys!

“I love you guys!  When I referred her (the patient) to you, she couldn’t transfer, she was incontinent, and she was total care. All she talked about was wanting to die. We were so concerned that I called the family and advocated Assurance Health to help. Today, she smiles and is no longer dependent upon staff for toileting and ADL’s. She is no longer incontinent and transfers herself to the bathroom! As soon as she completes therapy, she will be moving to assisted living from skilled nursing. I love you all for what you have done for our patients!”

-Marj, Social Services Director